Dwayne Johnson

There are lots of important reasons for men who are anything but average to think about buying custom-made clothing, particularly custom dress shirts. Buying off-the-rack is supposed to be easier now that sizes have been 'standardized', but it's not always the case.

Buying “your size” can be frustrating when it comes to a dress shirt that you really want for a special occasion, whether it's an important meeting, or a social moment that must go well. All too often the dress shirt seems to miss the mark. Turns out it's too tight in the shoulders, not tight enough through the body, or just too damned short! Rather than 'dressing to impress' and appearing to be in control of important aspects of your life, you end up looking sloppy and not careful enough about your appearance.

The situation is especially difficult for a man who works out regularly in the gym and has that well-sculpted muscular build. The dress shirt you might buy off the rack may miss the mark at the neck and shoulders. A custom dress shirt that is carefully tailored to fit you, can make all the difference.

A good example, just look at the Wrestler turned action star Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson. When he's not stripped to the waist doing a scene, he might be found in front of the paparazzi in Hollywood, and you can bet that he won't be wearing a dress shirt that he picked up at J C Penney that day. His custom dress shirt can be sculpted to fit his broad shoulders and muscular arms. It will be darted across the back and sides, giving it a skillfully tapered look. Once it is properly tucked in, the custom dress shirt will not have any bunches or balloons of excess fabric.

Once those basic issues are taken care of, it's time to accessorize. The custom dress shirt allows for a choice of different collars, as well as cuff styles and even a monogram.

These days, the 'no tie' option is frequently chosen by men like Dwayne, but if a tie is needed when meeting the banker who is underwriting his next picture, he will most likely go for a substantial silk or knit tie. The thicker fabric and wider size goes well on a wider chest, particularly with a spread collar.

Whether your nick name is The Rock, The Jock, or you just go by Joe, Billy or Bob, a custom fit dress shirt will make you look like a Rockstar!

July 25, 2018 by Victor Custom Shirts