Choosing Between Custom and Off the Rack Shirts

Choosing Between Custom and Off the Rack Shirts

It's easy to forget that mass-produced clothing is a relatively new concept. Tailors ruled the world of clothing up until the early part of the 20th century! You would choose or purchase your fabric, get yourself measured, and the tailor would craft your shirt. Many people would even sew their own clothes!

As technology advanced and large scale stores took over, there are now limitless choices when it comes to ready-made clothing. Walk into any department store and you'll find a wide range of dress shirt designs, all available in a host of sizes.

With So Many Options Out There, Why Go Custom?

Custom Shirts Fit YOU: A predesigned shirt will never fit as well as a custom made shirt, period. Off the rack shirts fit only 15% of the population. From wide necks to long arms or broad chests and thin waists, many people find that they've never had a shirt fit as well as a custom one.

Designed for Your Life: When choosing your optimal shirt, you also need to consider your lifestyle and profession. Someone who works in the production unit of a factory will most likely prefer a looser shirt than a guy working in an office. When you go custom, you get a shirt designed for you and your life.

Your Dream Design Brought to Life: This is a major advantage, as many predesigned or ready-made shirts might fit and suit you, but the style won't be what you're looking for. That leads to settling for less than you deserve. When you go custom, you select the color/cloth and all the details to make it your own.

With all the Benefits of Custom Shirts, Why Choose Off the Rack?

For Many, Off the Rack Shirts Fit Well: If you've never had an issue finding the perfect fit off the rack, then you are one of the lucky ones!

Off the Rack Means Less Work: Designing a custom shirt takes a bit of time and effort. While the measurement process is quick, it is sometimes a little more work than going to a store and picking out a shirt. Although NOT having to be at the mall all day is a plus!

To understand the full benefits of custom shirts, you really need to try one on for yourself. Victor Custom Shirts feel and look amazing, so why not give it a try?

February 24, 2017 by Victor Custom Shirts