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By and large, 2017 didn’t deliver a major turning point where style is concerned. Thus, the New Year will see a continuation of the "less is more" mantra, a development which seems to have solidified over several years for men. Keep it simple this season and kick off 2018 with subtle swagger.

Sampha (Photo credit: theguardian.com)


Who: Sampha

Why we love him: British singer Sampha Sisay – known mononymously as Sampha – pairs piano skills with earnest vocals for neo-soul R&B that never feels out of place after the sun sets.
How to get his look: Be devastating humble in a business casual shirt, faded jeans, and your best broken in Chucks. Period.


What: TAG Heuer

Why we love it: The avant-garde has squeezed its way into the mainstream, and innovative design solutions from TAG Heuer continue to set the standard. Pair this with a custom tailored shirt and you’re bound to impress.

Corduroy Pants (Photo credit: brostrick.com)


What: Crisp Corduroy

Why we love it: It’s officially that time of year when you can sport your favorite cords with a light sweater for work or with a custom made dress shirt. Or try venturing into muted shades of blues and light green, instead of the classic khaki, and pair with an untucked shirt for a business casual look.


What: On The Road, Jack Kerouac

Why we love it: The book that launched the gap year phenomenon, On The Road is beat poet pioneer Jack Kerouac's account of road tripping across America in the 50s. While it excites most 20-year-olds who have the time and gusto to grab a backpack and head out themselves, reading it now adds another layer because you understand history, politics, and the significance of this novel being written by an author who served in World War II.

January 20, 2018 by Victor Custom Shirts