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Impressing your girlfriend’s parents starts with non-verbal communicating that you have your life together. Finding the balance between being a thoughtful gentleman and an overly dressed bloke without a sense of humor is the first step in the long process. We’ve got you covered for business casual shirts, but let’s look at the rest of you.

1. Men’s wrinkle-free relaxed fit Chino pants

Wrinkle-free Chino pants (Photo credit: Pinterest)

Whether you’re sitting at the dinner table or lounging on their couch, you can count on these Casual Performance Chinos to deliver exceptional comfort and style. They're guaranteed wrinkle-and stain-resistant, so if the cat knocks a glass of wine onto your lap, you can keep your cool and score some major points. Pair them with a custom tailored shirt and you’re dialed in.

2. Check Overcoat Navy

There is no need to dress like a sack of coal for family dinner. Don’t be afraid to incorporate some color that suit the season, such as navy or cream, instead of standard black and grey business casual shirt.

Socks: Fankhauser’s Funky Socks

Fankhauser’s Funky Socks (Photo credit:

Leave your shoes at the door but don’t miss out on an opportunity to show some personality. Wear socks in a color that is complementary to the rest of your outfit, but also avoid loud prints, fluorescents, or slogans across the bottom. You don’t want to distract from your outfit, but you do want to dress the part of laid-back professional with good intentions for their daughter, from head to toe. It’s business casual without being clumsy.

The Prisoner wine

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Don’t show up empty-handed, or worse, with a poor choice of wine. The Prisoner is not only a talking point (although, avoid jokes about your relationship when presenting it to her father) but also of excellent taste for the price. It features enticing aromas of Bing cherry, dark chocolate, clove, and roasted fig, with a vanilla linger for a smooth and luscious finish. Memorize that last line to recite when presenting the wine, preferably in a British accent with a hint of self-deprecation. See? You’re funny and classy. They haven’t even seen your socks.

February 07, 2018 by Victor Custom Shirts