Hop in and take his upgraded style out on the town

There seems to be a common thread amongst our female friends in relationships; they wish their man dressed better. Are you tired of your ‘knight in shining armor’ not looking so polished these days? You’ve got to polish him up and save him from his outdated, ill-fitted, rusted-up armor, also known as loose hoodies and old t-shirts and jeans.  Here’s some tips that could spruce up your man’s style…and maybe even your relationship.

 Focus on Fit and Comfort

Men need to feel comfortable and over time they tend to stick with their tried and true, same-old outfit.  The problem is that over time it may have stretched out and is ‘comfortable’ because it’s not fitting the way it should. Truth is, clothes that fit, look good!  For example, throw a perfectly fitted T-shirt and jeans on a man and it will look better than a poorly tailored suit every time.  Start with the basics: make sure his pants and shirts fit him.

It’s not What, it’s How

The problem with a lot of guys is that they associate "well dressed" with WHAT they are wearing rather than HOW they are wearing it; your man probably wears clothes that don’t fit or are unflattering.

 Match His Personality, Not Yours

Sometimes when a girlfriend or wife steps in to dress a guy it is painfully obvious; you get a typically “casual” guy dressed in too-tight, too-high fashion wear.

The important thing to remember when sprucing up your man’s wardrobe is that he isn’t a mannequin. Think of dressing him as a team effort. You have the fashion know-how, he has the specific personality. So, bring those two together. If your man has a loud personality and is daring he will be open to wearing brighter colors and statement patterns. On the other hand, if your guys is outdoorsy and rarely dresses up he might feel more comfortable in earth tones, natural fabrics and checkered shirts.

Consider how to reflect his inner personality with his outer style when searching for his apparel upgrades.

 Make it All About Him

Who wants to wear someone else’s shirt when you can have one made just for you?  Custom dress shirts are a great suggestion to upgrade his style. They are made specifically to his body and taste.  He can choose a flattering fabric and collar type to compliment his face.  The shirt will fit him perfectly and accentuate the features you love (like those broad shoulders). 

A shirt that fits his exact measurements and desired style will also be the most comfortable – maybe even his new go-to shirt.

A shirt that fits that well can be paired with anything; dark jeans or chinos or shorts, just roll up the sleeves and you’ll have a man you will be proud to be seen with.  But beware once you go custom, you won’t go back.

 And finally,

 Words of Encouragement go a Long Way

Improving his style will be a lot less painful if he’s actually into it; we’re trying to get him to step up his game, without bruising his ego. Give your guy a little ego boost and compliment him when he looks sharper. He’ll gravitate more toward the outfits that put a smile on your face. If you want to take it a step further, make plans or invite him out to an event so he has a reason to get dressed up then really show him how much his upgraded look makes you feel!

 If you follow these easy tips, your man will go from outdated to updated in no time.

August 24, 2018 by Victor Custom Shirts