Idris Elba wearing a texturally layered outfit. (Photo credit: BBC)

Idris Elba

Idris Elba is renowned for his textured layering, custom made shirts, and intentional use of color and flair. Equally important is his ability to play it casual.

Takeaway tip: Tone down a suit with a pair of sneakers—i.e. high-shine leather with a rubber sole—which make a statement without looking like you lost your way.

Harry Styles wearing a floral collared shirt. (Photo credit: MTV)

2. Harry Styles

Instead of a typical collar on his custom made dress shirt, the young singer opts for whimsical florals. This touch of feminine looks all the more stylish paired with a statement hat to channel a tourist vibe.

Takeaway tip: To pull off this style, limit the use of floral print. If you’re worried about the pattern being too feminine, wear it as an untucked business casual shirt with dark jeans and a blazer.

3. Jidenna

Jidenna wearing a navy blue suit.Jidenna exploded onto airwaves with “Classic Man” - a song all about dressing like a gentleman. Fittingly, he speaks from experience, preferring bespoke suits, custom tailored shirts, and a hairstyle reminiscent of old fashioned sophistication.

Takeaway tip: Jidenna loves to thrift for unique prints. Try visiting your local thrift store for a suit jacket you can experiment with, without breaking the bank.

Russell Westbrook in a media scrum wearing a Prada shirt.

4. Russell Westbrook

NBA superstar Westbrook loves to push boundaries, like showing up at a news conference in a colorful Prada shirt and red specs.

Takeaway tip: Accentuate a specific colour in your business casual shirt with a bold accessory to match.

5. David Beckham

David Beckham wearing a leather jacket.There’s nothing as effortlessly cool as a leather jacket, and Beckham knows how to rock it. Keep the rest of your look fairly simple (t-shirt, slim fit jeans) to let the jacket do the talking. If only his shoes would shut up…

Takeaway tip: For a more elevated look, pair a leather jacket, a custom tailored shirt, and boots.

January 10, 2018 by Victor Custom Shirts