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There’s a big difference between getting dressed in style and just covering yourself for the sake of going outside. While your personal style says a lot about how you want to interact with the world, function and comfort should never be sacrificed.

These five men will steer you towards sensible (and stylish) fashion choices year-round.

A few things to keep in mind when dressing yourself like an adult:


When it comes to warm sweaters, purchase cotton or merino wool as they ventilate well and retain a natural shape over time. Leave the polyester pullovers for the clearance rack.


Add depth to plain ensembles and monochromatic color choices with bold patterns and varied textures.


As a rule, wear clothes that fit properly. If your pants are loose, your shirt is bulging at the buttons, or your jacket sleeve is riding up your wrist, let it go. Familiarize yourself with the word custom, as in custom tailored shirts and custom linen shirts, because nothing fits better than something made specifically for you.

1. Conor McGregor

Even a UFC fighter like Conor McGregor refuses to look rough around the edges outside of the Octagon. The Irishman is bold and badass, and his tailored suits, including custom tailored shirts, speak volumes without him having to say a word.

Takeaway tip: Get away with just about any obnoxiously loud color choice with a perfectly tailored suit.

2. Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling wearing tweed jacket (Photo credit: )

A little tweed never hurt anybody. Actor Ryan Gosling is known for his unassuming style and often pairs classic pieces with a nudge of modernity. He is the epitome of business casual.

Takeaway tip: Dust off your grandfather’s blazer and pair it with a flashy tie.

3. A$AP Rocky

A$AP Rocky (Photo credit: Pinterest)

His music speaks to millions of fans and his sense of style has earned him an equal following. A$AP Rocky has cemented his place at the top of the style pyramid by mixing high end pieces with causal staples.

Takeaway tip: Keep your base colors minimal – white, black, navy or grey – and top everything off with a leather jacket for an instantly cool look.

4. Tom Hardy


Tom Hardy Wearing a Linen Shirt (Photo credit: Pinterest)

Three words: custom linen shirts. Actor Tom Hardy is known for his rugged masculine style, but that doesn’t mean he looks fresh off a bar fight. To get his suave and confident look, aim for jeans or cargo pants, a well-fitted T-shirt and comfortable footwear.

Takeaway tip: Try leather lace-up boots to kick the casual look up a notch.

5. Paul Mason

Paul Mason Wearing a Turtleneck Shirt (Photo credit: Pinterest)

If someone mentions holiday fashion and your first thought is the curmudgeonly teacher you had in high school, it’s time to revamp the visuals. The handsome and stylish Paul Mason came to fame as Toronto’s “Fashion Santa,” taking selfies with shoppers at Yorkdale mall for charity. He has also successfully reinvigorated the turtleneck.

Takeaway tip: Try a patterned turtleneck under a solid-colored vest. If you’re a little apprehensive, start with one that is thin, fitted, and neutral.

February 22, 2018 by Victor Custom Shirts