How to Dress like a Gentleman for the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is an unofficial holy day in America, and Minneapolis is the chosen church of 2018. Super Bowl Sunday is also a chance to indulge in the best parts of hosting a party — like cramming all your friends into one room and consuming 5000 calories worth of cheese dip. While it may be acceptable to let your diet slip on this holiday of machismo, you’re also a St Paul gentleman who won’t let the Super Bowl throw off your style game - right?

While you cheer your team into the end zone, it’s best that your outfit remains in the safe zone. The giant, oversized nylon jerseys might display your allegiances, but they aren’t going to delineate you from the rest of the hooligans.

I'm not suggesting that you wear a custom tailored shirt to your living room gathering, instead, use the Super Bowl as an opportunity to incorporate some well-worn favorites and business casual shirts from the comfortable side of your closet.

Gingham Shirt by Victor Custom Shirts

The Gingham Button-Up

Not just for Canadians, the gingham print is flattering to your frame whether you're lean or lush. This untucked shirt is business casual, while the color and the check patterns make it versatile and cozy, without sacrificing an air of burliness.

The Classic T

Few items of clothing have stood the test of time like the classic t-shirt. From Marlon Brando to James Dean, the simple garment epitomizes cool rebellion. Although you’ll have to play it safe with the finger food if you wear one in white (BBQ stains are only acceptable in country songs) this shirt is a style touchdown. With its mix of soft fabric and rugged undertones, it’s casual with a side of rebellion.

Textured Wool Tweed Sport Coat. (Photo credit: Brooks Brothers)

Want to throw it back to your college football days without also dressing the part of a clueless frat boy? Turn heads from the TV with a smooth entrance and slick sports jacket. Pair it with straight-leg jeans and throw it over a fine cashmere sweater or classic white t-shirt to show everyone just how far you’ve come since your days as the "kegger champ."

January 24, 2018 by Victor Custom Shirts