How to rock a bow tie like a boss

The bow tie is a divisive topic amongst fashion aficionados. Some refer to it as a “stunt accessory“ or “nose ring of the conservative,” while others think it’s a sign of non-verbal genius and poignant means of expression. The question remains: how can you wear one as a grown man without looking like a five-year-old on your way to a piano recital?

Bow Tie with White Shirt (Photo credit: Pinterest)

1. Keep it real

You can not pre-tie a real bow tie. You have to tie it pretty perfectly every time. Bow tie wearers are willing to put in the extra work, knowing that the stylish reward is worth it. It’s a skill worth having for a stylish payoff. Opt for a custom tailored shirt to keep it clean.

2. It says something you about: intelligent

There is something that is nerdy-chic about the bow tie, whether you pair it with a light sweater, untucked shirt, or custom made casual shirt. It boasts that you are smart enough to not only know how kick an outfit up a notch, but it also communicates that you’re willing to strike up a conversation. It’s up to you not to ruin it.

Classic Bow Tie (Photo credit:

3. You have creativity on lock

Traditionally, the bow tie indicates that the man wearing one is willing to stand out in the crowd. Sure, long ties come in a wide array of patterns, but there is something purposefully quirky about a bow tie that demonstrates your creative bandwidth.

4. A bow tie is a gift

You are worthy of attention and a package waiting to be unwrapped. Try it on with a custom tailored shirt and just see what happens next. Enough said.

Pink and Blue Striped Bow Tie (Photo credit:

5. Show some personality

The magic of the bow tie is that it allows you to have some fun without forfeiting formality. Kick the Bill Nye image out of your mind – and discover what it means to be a modern bow tie wearing kind of man.

February 13, 2018 by Victor Custom Shirts