Picking the Right Dress Shirt for Every Occasion

Picking the Right Dress Shirt for Every Occasion

Whether you're trying to make the right first impression at a job interview, make a splash on a first date or you're looking to blend in with the crowd, here's a quick and easy guide to dressing for any occasion.

Job Interviews

What you wear to a job interview is just as important as any business card or resume. You want to appear bold yet professional, so conservative colors such as black, blue, gray and brown are great options. According to basic color psychology, black exudes leadership, blue portrays you as a team-player, gray denotes logical/analytical, while brown identifies you as dependable.

A First Date

You want to emphasize your best physical traits – that means either a form-fitting shirt, or one that is cut to flatter your best physical attributes. Color is also essential. To highlight blue or green eyes, try a cool, dark color such as slate grey or navy blue. To highlight brown or hazel eyes, try a warm, light color such as maroon or off-white. If you're worried about acne or skin issues, avoid bright reds or whites as these colors will draw attention to red spots.

Cocktail Parties

Think of a cocktail party as a non-formal formal event. The best shirts for this occasion are usually dark gray or black to really hammer home the evening vibe. Wearing a dark color can also help you lie low if that's your goal.


Black shirts are the safest choice when dressing for a funeral, but not mandatory. The solemnity of the event can be conveyed with other dark neutrals like navy, charcoal or forest green.

Family Get-Togethers

For family events, go casual! Wear a shirt that fits your physique, the time of day and the season. You want to look great and be comfortable at the same time.

Business Dinners

During business dinners, you want to have fun but also be cautious. Wear a shirt that shows you know how to party like an executive, yet you're trustworthy and professional. Collared shirts, with the right color for your skin type, are recommended.


For weddings, the color choice of the bride and groom is paramount. If there is a set color theme, don't clash. That being said, you can't go wrong with a neat, collared white shirt under your tuxedo.

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March 07, 2017 by Victor Custom Shirts