Have you noticed how informal our dress is becoming, particularly in America? Fewer businesses are enforcing a suit and tie dress code. In fact, studies show that the number of men wearing casual dress to work is on the increase.

If you look around your university hall or your office boardroom you’ll notice it too. Few men wear a jacket and even fewer wear a tie. Instead, you might notice some guys wearing slacks, plain shoes and a button-up shirt. Occasionally, a sport jacket makes a cameo. 10+ years ago boardrooms were full of blue, grey or black suits, white shirts with a tie. Today men are not reaching for suits and ties anymore.

The drab suit and monochrome shirt left the tie to be the fashion statement and many men wore ties for self-expression. You’d see lots of bright, bold colors, festive designs and patterns for each season. And what did you buy your dad on Father’s Day? Probably a tie.

So what now? In the absence of ties and sport jackets what’s left?

The shirt!

Unlike past decades, button-up shirts now come in different colors, patterns, and styles. Everything is customizable, too: Button styles, collars, cuffs, tucked or untucked options. It’s now socially acceptable to toss on a bold shirt and head to the office.So if you are part of the majority of people who don’t have to wear a tie to work, get creative, step out of your comfort zone and pick some fun, bold colors and patterns and build yourself a shirt that gives people a glimpse of who you are.

Sources: Gallup: “Business Casual” Most Common Work Attire


December 19, 2016 by Victor Custom Shirts