Shirts That Flatter

Do you have a muscular chest, broad shoulders and a small waist? If your answer is yes, then you know that finding a shirt that not only fits but flatters your physique is a challenge. And while big biceps and traps are your goal, a department store dress shirt will disguise, rather than flatter your form. Simply stated, a department store dress shirt won't fit you.

If training and weightlifting is your passion, the only rack you should be touching is at the fitness centre. The "off the rack" dress shirt is definitely not designed to fit you.

At Victor Custom Shirts we have you covered. We create beautiful form fitting custom shirts that will reward your hard work in the gym with the proper fit and look that suits you. Your Victor Custom shirt is cut to your measurements and is guaranteed to fit and feel great.

Using at least 9 different measurements and other important information relating to your unique body shape and size, you will get a shirt designed for you, and you alone. You won't have to worry about it being too loose here, or too tight there; you will finally have the freedom to move and work with ease without sacrificing the look you've worked hard to create. You will get sufficient room to flatter your chest, arms, and shoulders, as well as a tapered waist to complement your build.

All you need to do is complete the short form detailing your measurements and choose your design. Then, Victor Custom Shirts will do all the heavy lifting!

If you're looking for a shirt, whether for work, play or a formal event, you will find the perfect shirt designed to fit Size: You at

June 29, 2017 by Victor Custom Shirts