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Education begins at home -- and that starts by teaching your kids style manners too. If you’ve handed in your notice to become a full-time parent, it doesn’t mean sacrificing yourself to the Gods of Sweatpants, but dressing appropriately for your new job. The identity of the at-home dad is evolving, as men continue to embrace a fluid interpretation of a life that emphasizes fulfillment, not status. For this new wave of parenting, the decision to stay home is seen not as a failure, but a lifestyle choice.


Chasing the little buggers around the house requires flexibility, stamina, and agility. Many men think that a standard pair of jeans will suffice them in their day-to-day needs, they might feel restrictive after lunchtime. Switch it up with a pair of versatile trousers in a stain-resistant fabric, for obvious reason. Pair them with a custom made casual shirt and you’re set for the day.

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The T-shirt

It’s the ultimate business casual shirt. The T-shirt is a staple at the intersection of comfort and style, and although white might not be the best choice for a day with the kids (unless you’re letting them decorate it with paint on purpose), the ease of this garment makes it ideal stay-at-home material. If you’re after a particularly comfortable T-shirt that is both soft and breathable, opt for 100% cotton. Pro tip: Buy casual shirts online so you don’t have to attempt a shopping spree in public with hungry kids tagging along.

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A casual hoodie

Otherwise known as the easiest way to dress yourself well without really trying, try one with a unique print to give your kids one more thing to ask about.


No socks mean a quick transition between “rolling around on the floor” dad to “we need to go to the park right now” dad. The comfort of the suede make them a versatile piece of footwear to tackle playtime, any time.

When it comes to off-duty dressing, casual and comfortable clothing doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style. Give your kids the sense that you know how to dress yourself, which is just the beginning of the many things you will teach them about life.

February 15, 2018 by Victor Custom Shirts