About Us

The thread that ties us together

Like most businesses, Victor Custom Shirts started out small; in fact, we started out in a corner of a dry-cleaning operation! We began by selling men’s and women’s custom clothing and dabbled in various accessories, looking for our niche in the marketplace.

Without warning, our managing partner passed away and we used the next while to take stock of who we were and what would be the products and markets we could serve best. We started by changing our name. We wanted something personal and strong. Victor is a family name and we liked the alternate meaning of victory. We noticed that the fashion trends were getting more and more casual. Fewer men were wearing suits but many men were still wearing dress shirts, so we decided to streamline our business to focus on custom made dress shirts for men, and moved it online to provide our product to as many people as possible.

So here we are, online, and we are happy that you have found us! We don’t get to interact with our customers in person anymore, which is a downside, but we hope to engage with you on our social media accounts or through chat or email. We hope to be able to dress you in style and in comfort!