How to Measure Up

The magic behind Size: You

Before measuring you will need a soft, flexible measuring tape and for best results, a friend to assist.

What makes a custom shirt so flattering is that it fits just you. A custom fitting shirt is based solely on your measurements so getting your exact measurements is key. It allows us to make your shirt with the best fit.

Tips to get measurements as accurate as possible:

  1. Wear a t-shirt that fits snugly. Avoid taking the measurements over a bulky shirt or sweater.
  2. Maintain a relaxed and normal posture. No flexing muscles or sucking in your stomach. This will create smaller measurements which will result in the shirt not fitting correctly.
  3. Remove all items in your pockets to get a proper hip measurement.

1. Shirt Collar

Measure all around the base of your neck below the Adam's apple. Place 2 fingers between the neck and the tape to ensure you have enough room to comfortably move and breathe. Be sure your head is in its natural and comfortable position to avoid an inaccurate measurement. Do not strain or tilt your head.

2. Shoulder

Measure from the edge of one shoulder following the natural curve of your back to the edge of your other shoulder.

3. Long Sleeve

This is a cumulative measurement. Start the measurement by placing the measuring tape at the back of the neck where you feel your spine – this should be the middle of the neck and shoulders. Measure across to the edge of your shoulder. Hold the measuring tape in place and continue measuring down past your elbow, just past your wrist bone at the base of your hand OR wherever you would like the sleeve to end.

4. Short Sleeve

Same measurement as above, except measure to mid-bicep or wherever you want the short sleeve to end.

5. Chest

Lift your arms to get the measuring tape snug under the arms. Wrap the measuring tape around your chest at the nipple line, making sure the tape is level at the fullest part of the chest and back. Lower your arms to take the measurement. Ensure the tape is snug but comfortable.

6. Stomach

This measurement is taken around the largest part of your stomach, at the belly button.

7. Hips

Measure all around the fullest part of you buttock, crossing over the fly. Make sure the tape is level all around, snug but comfortable.

8. Shirt Length

Start measuring at the highest point of your shoulder, where it meets your neck. Measure all the way down the front of your body to your desired shirt length. Shirts worn untucked can be shorter than shirts that will always be tucked in. For untucked shirts measure to the bottom of your fly; for tucked in shirts, add approximately 2 inches.

9. Wrist

Measure all around the wrist, over the wrist bone. Add 0.25" for a thin watch or 0.5" for a larger watch.

10. Bicep

Measure your upper arm at the fullest part of your bicep. No flexing, keep your arm as natural and relaxed as possible.

11. Forearm

Measure all around the fullest part of the forearm.

And you're done!

Custom Dress Shirt Forearm Measurement