Men who found their Size: You.

Size: Brandon M. Verified Customer

Thank you! yes it feels fantastic, I love how soft it is, yet how crisp it stays :) The pattern is great too, very subtle, but just enough to not be solid white. I am a big fan of the small squares. It’s my new favorite shirt!

Size: Alan C. Verified Customer

The shirt arrived quickly, and my wife stood by with her critical eye to see if I had wasted money on something that was never going to see the light of day. My wife had me spin in front of her as she looked for something to be wrong and finally exclaimed “It fits perfectly. Makes you look slimmer.” By far my favorite shirt, and the color was exactly what I had pictured.

Size: Adam F. Verified Customer

I’ve never been one to buy clothing online...until now. A friend told me about Victor Custom Shirts so I thought I’d checked out their site. As I opened their site I saw the steps were systematically laid out. I got measured using the instructional video, picked a pattern and style. Three weeks later my shirt had arrived. It looked better than I could have hoped! The shirt looked and fit great! I don’t have to roll up my sleeves anymore because this shirt was made for me. This has turned into my “go-to shirt”.

Size: David P. Verified Customer

I love my shirt and wore it to church today. I am a huge fan of French Cuffs and now I can order them with any colour shirt. I also love that Victor will monogram cuffs for a touch of class. A nice set of cufflinks and the monogrammed initials add individuality to my shirts.

Size: Fin P. Verified Customer

I have a relatively large neck. I used to buy shirts off the rack that fit my neck, but then they’d usually do that ‘tent’ thing on the rest of my body. The un-fitted shirts were making me look bulkier than I was... and that's not good! Then I got a Victor shirt that was fitted based on the dimensions of  my whole upper body, not just my neck. And you know what?... it just felt right. And because of the way it fit, I actually started getting a compliments about how it looked on me. I'm now in the process of replacing all of my un-fitted shirts with Victor shirts

Size: Gary Verified Customer

We got the shirt! Fantastic! Great fabric! Great fit! Great selection; "you got a good eye"! Love it!   -   Gary

For the record, I generally try to curb my enthusiasm and restrict the use of '!"s but in this case it's warranted